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Shandro Eats a Heart.jpg

Health Minister Tyler Shandro Eats human heart (on your driveway)

“Blessed Tyler Shandro! Blind Tyler Shandro! I Tyler Shandro! Trust the waxen man unencumbered by human pities shucked of a loathsome moral coil Holy pandemic brushfire of pneumatic pubic lice slouching down the QE2 tumbleweed proclivities and hopeful shut-in chastities And the clean handed doctors in their nice white coats bearing down jilted fury from a thin-lipped mannequin ablaze in shimmering rags bumping through a fluttering jizzrag fandango of discarded dreams And America America you hot orange heat lamp lurid shimmering chicken salmonella pink and luscious and puffy And give me your medicine America silicon valley solutions to vulgar hands on healthcare  pay-to-play seedy arcade clammy joystick E Honda street fighter healthcare robber barons tyrants kings and queens fatty livers gleaming golden And gut the helper when shameless humanity pins them prostrate to the cold stone floor And squeeze the chambers of the bifurcated heart which allows space for the not I And play your heart in minor key wet-tuba dirge deathbed knell while I blessed blind Shandro dissect the system  to a lean huckster carnival And the wet-tuba dirge And the ghoul’s hand slapping back and forth tween two wide set inner thighs in unencroachable echo across grimacing mountains and yellow blushing prairie spackled with inconvenient molehill oil derricks who wink coyly when the subject is broached And I am on your driveway made googly-eyed by meme-erey irate woodpecker salvos And mindcrafted packets of rage delivered along undulating ovoids of bilous spittle curving down to linger then evaporate from springtime asphalt tomorrow And I do not bleed as others bleed my teeth and eyes and boyish rouge are false friends And deceitful liars implying I am held to human fancies when the 2020 retrograde withering of all things is a bat signal in my dayless mind’s-eye to take flight and profit suck the tears of little children with lonely birthdays wear tatters into the  panicked pants of absconding rent-defaulters gnaw at dream home baseboards until I can pick over the collapsed carcass for scrap slabs of copper And I serve no will to grand betterment nor the not I I would fold myself along a forth dimension of unseemly folds into a true goo if every pulse every breath and the overwhelming electricity that glut of pinging axons produces could one hundred percent devote themselves to me myself I Shandro blessed Shandro blind Shandro uncorruptible idealot bathtubs of blood purple jellyfish xylophone loofahs open mouths agog at the dazzling poisonous mushrooms growing out of their bathmats two kaleidoscope heads side by side spinning oppositely and out of sync And trust the Shandro I graze your pubis from your pocket with the top of my hand long fingers that taper to well sucked candy cane points tickle a little then clasp into a cookie jar meatloaf of inexcisable flesh bone and muscle And my fists will accrue into distended extra digits blubbery cast off innutritions from the vivid discotheque buffets at which I inure my feedhole And understand my calamity And know your wrongness of expectation my fists alongside your wallets your credit cards your keychains your photographs are teratomas of circumstance irremovable And gussied wide by snow crab prime rib cashew salad And I am a poor old minister of health ill-equipped for matters of the heart or the lung And when I was young I had some goldfish and I used to push my thumbnail from the bottom to the top of their torsos because I thought they would expel jewels or grant wishes and when they didn’t I lost interest And resist the cozy unanimity of crisis times undirect your ears from the sputtering engine’s rumbling score And lower your heads until my lacquered layers have reached a pitch of endless refraction And I disappear And rich like a dollar bill away in an updraft. I Tyler Shandro” 


Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas

4ft x 5ft

$30,000,000.00 OBO

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