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Mr. Alberta demands covid is over! my population for two more years at the sputtering provincial spigot leaderless and lead poisoned punish the children for the insolence of birth slush fund wobbling in the stampede punchbowl ladled in portions to shadows of mouth and stomach and sickly nerve webs ending in fear! fear! fear the mask fear the neighbour fear the socialists fear the dark green carnal beckoning of kananaskis fear trudeau fear the vaccine let it be my jet fuel Mr. Alberta, sacred icon of before times beautiful human museum of wrongness Mr. Alberta end the lockdown mine is an existence of pointless punishment i did nothing to deserve this let me eat inside i see an ocean of cream a rumblin’ great white wave puckered udders wailing on iron lung bagpipes respirator orchestra sky rising curdled rivers of sour tears carving frowny faces stunted mountaintops popped like pimples grubby hands that wanty! wanty! stopgap steamrolls jettisoned for unresolvable slo-mo invisible handjob incessant transit job to job to job public life wilted nonstop autumn unreasonable requests get back to stay back work ramble to and fro grinning skeleton in a wheelchair lulling purgatory not so bad wind whistles in my empty eye sockets skeleton! skeletons! curvy myrna salacious delight plastic hydraulic bodice get in my body diddle my dna inaction becomes me inert and worthless save deposits of human capital suck the marrow from carbon culverts dismantle me for parts turn me into a pipeline reassemble me in the year 2035 when they’ve made a vaccine for the bow valley variant the one that turns your skin paper thin and makes your grey matter viscos soupy and bisquey bisque! bisque! limitless maelstrom of blame blamelstrom! blamelstrom! rush the churches clamber over the fences if god wanted us to wear masks he would have given us masks we have masks blamelstrom! blamelstrom! measures so strict I have to give my phone number to canadian brewhouse windermere before i sit on their patio for six hours now is our hour, happy and dangerous sick sick then was soggy and wet different times best summer ever stampede 2021  horses wheezing around a track around and around and around plopping dead like road apples equine obstacles reckless plunder joyless summer i just want my goddamn bisque! bisque! Mr. Unique superstar spread like breakfast bagel butter whose ten dollar a day childcare bleats antiharmonic cantata beats just shove the cash straight in my trou-trou Trudeau-deau truck nuts on basinets split bedtime with Wilson’s orphan wells rosebud! rosebud! millionaire’s passion played out subsidize the art of the grift laundered contracts in pockets popped out in the rinse cycle green stalactites of suds and lint, papier and mache, dank pantaloons skid mark saturn rings razors edge circumcised mountaintops at ninety bucks a pop dull enough to blunt blood incessant pummeling regressive funeral procession pallbearers stumbling backwards into the grave the body lurches out like a rotten mouthed jack aghast at its unboxing lockdown! lockdown! green wind overhead whorls of yellow nimbus endless sunset relentless high noon inverse weather systems redrawing jumbled month boundaries forever and ever


4ft x 3ft, acrylic on canvas

May 2, 2021

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