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This is a portrait of the Leader of the Opposition, Rachel Notley. Rachel Notley had the unfortunate fate of being the Premier of Alberta from 2015 to 2019 with the Alberta New Democrat Party. As the UCP continues to admirably execute their breezy plan of shaking the grubby nickels from our worn-out pants despite a worsening pandemic, we Albertans look to the right, then to the slight left of that right and say “who else?”


Thankfully, Alberta’s robust two-party system of petrocrats has a perfectly viable alternative in Rachel Notley’s Alberta NDP. If Kenney’s bungling continues, and the newly formed separatist Nazi party splits the vote, the Alberta NDP will make history by being the first party in the province’s history to ever come back into power after losing an election (the fact this hasn’t happened in 115 years is proof on its own we’re not a democracy. More like some kind of weird, oily, sex harem like Xerxes has in Zack Snyder’s hit autobiography “300”)


The NDP will cruise to victory running a campaign that beats the UCP at their own game: gumming the limp gristle of insolvent oil ventures under the nihilistic impression that the citizens of the province cannot comprehend existence beyond the diluted gasoline rainbow of diminishing returns. Are they working behind the scenes to wean the province from the proverbial stone as the world leaves the stone age? They’ll never show their hand, because we’re too fucking stupid to be trusted, apparently.


Anyhow, they will continue to astutely highlight the inept hypocrisy of the UCP until they themselves can return to jabbing at the hull of this great provincial ghost ship with the limp noodle of compromise.


12x20, acrylic on wood

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