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Premier of Alberta, Dr. Deena Hinshaw

This is a painting of Dr. Deena Hinshaw. She provides leadership, direction, and accountability as Alberta faces dual threats: a malignant inhuman job/economy/life ruining virus, and COVID-19. The simple act of not sputtering a frothy mist of ineffective blame like a urine filled tea kettle when asked a straightforward question has thrust her into the canon of Albertan heroes that includes Tommy Chong, Wolverine, and the massive technicolor Space Odyssey fetus that lives inside the Vegreville Egg.

Hinshaw’s decisions are made using things called “facts” and “science”, which frankly I’ve never heard of, and seem like major inconveniences if we’re supposed to believe our oil will ever sell for $60 per barrel again. One time she managed to explain to someone that golf courses are not an essential service without willfully ejecting her soul from her body as an escape from this wretched provincial coil.

Prints are available, and a *certain* percentage will go towards the poor oil and gas companies that have to stoop so low as to take government handouts to clean up orphan wells because they’ve become too googly eyed on bitumen fumes to wipe their own asses.

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