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Drew Barnes, baby! Businessman! Baron! Backbencher! Blighted harbinger of sickness!
Drew Barnes is part of the growing group of UCP MLAs taking a stand against Kenney’s Shakespearian descent into paranoid autocracy. What finally pushed Drew Barnes to stand up against a Premier that literally robbed his way into leadership with a farcical parade of doppelgangers and patsies? Blowing up the Rockies? Doomed pipeline gambits? The way he always looks like he’s just a little bit wet? Get real, hippy.


You can take the man out of the lake of fire, but you can’t take the lake of fire out of the man. Mr. Barnes has joined the Liberty Coalition of Canada, a national group against lockdown measures because, and I’m paraphrasing their website here, “church is the only place God can go in 2021 without getting blown up by 5G like a spaghetti squash in a microwavé.” And the issues extend beyond the states naked assault on religious freedom by trying to curtail mass death, Drew Barnes is fighting for all of us.


The draconian limitation of no spin class and six people per table at restaurants is causing an untold mental health crisis. A crisis that, despite the UCP’s massive layoffs, cuts, and dismantling of addictions services, somehow persists. The only answer is to do even less. I think I can speak for Mr. Barnes when I say we must open ‘r up so our tainted skeletons may be licked clean by the rivers of blood that floodeth our desolate highways.



With the big tent pitched by a lubricious Kenney in 2017 rapidly wilting into a tannish puddle of scrotal molt, I ask myself: Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?




4ftx5ft acrylic and OIL pastel on canvas


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