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World Juniors Championship 2021! Edmonton Hub City 2: 2 Hub 2 Furious: Back in the Habit, the Wrath Khan


The winters of my childhood were long, long seasons. I lived in three places - the school, the church, and the skating-rink

                                                            -Coronavirus 19


Welcome to Edmonton, caged teens! May your artful dance of finesse and grit adorn the dripping mausoleum of Roger’s Place excellently. May unmarred virgin ice be painted with the butterfly swirls of sick dangles. We, the sickened and risky will wheeze from homes to gather in packed plexiglass pubs, impromptu churches, and ogle the illegal intimacy of passionate brawl and desperate scrum. Your perfect pink lungs, hinterland incarcerated, buoyant in the second wave’s turgid toss! May nations breathe the psychic breath of triumph! The victors’ dedication and toil a guiding constellation in the solstice brain’s barely-day. May the losers’ heads hold high nevertheless, your sacrifice just as real, all the more Promethean. Give us the fire of your passion. Give us the chains of your safety. Give us your lungs, your delicious sweet healthy lungs. Nyeeergh! Nyarg (Bilbo growling) Your lungs! Your lungs! Give us your juicy lungs! Gyurrrgh! Freg! *saliva leaking through mask* Urghhughwuh guhhhh let us feast on your perfect breath! Eeeuuughh, weeeeuuughh, eeeeuuuggghhh, weeeuuughh. 3ft x4ft acrylic on canvas

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