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Travis Toews and Jason Kenney Present the Budget

This is a painting of Minister of Finance Travis Toews and Jason Kenney with the new budget, that li’l blue swathed bundle of austerity and eldritch mathematics. What naughty revelations will be unveiled at the midpoint of the UCPs ongoing war against Alberta? How do we shave down a record shattering deficit while maintaining funding for essential services like the ‘Canadian Energy Centre’, pipelines to nowhere, and the provincial subscription to that onlyfans of the Trudeau-lookin’ guy doing daddy dom JOI? Will corporations still be allowed to opt out of paying taxes? Will medical dispatch services be replaced altogether with an unreliable app that pings your location so friends and relatives can suck the precious metals from your dead body? Will the budget’s needless cruelty be enough to distract from the white power rally hosted on the steps of the legislature? So many hopes, dreams, and nightmares placed in the shaky hands of a government that only showed up for the complimentary breadsticks.

4ftx4ft, acrylic on canvas


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