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Tyler Shandro and Travis Toews Disassembling and Selling a Severely Normal Albertan Bone by Bone, Organ by Organ, the Severely Normal Albertan is a Metaphor* for the Public Healthcare System

Acrylic on canvas


*but also like probably will only be a metaphor for a couple more weeks before it also becomes actually real. Bovine University, baby, best summer ever. A squishy orchestra. Bone grindings. Baby birds. They’ll suck the fuckin’ marrow right from your femur. A corpse time lapse rots into a pile of company scrip. Haunted hotel, ghosts of children, etc. etc. Welcome to Alberta. Covid? Free! Liberate healthcare heroes from the burden of compensation. Lock up your doctor and spit in my mouth. Outbreak boogie, children can’t vote. An army of dancing skeletons.


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