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“Anyway I’m not going to let the government push me around like that anymore, if I don’t want to wear a mask they can’t force me. It’s Freedom of Speech, man, it’s written right there in the second amendment or whatever and besides they don’t even work. Like, what, you’re telling me a piece of cloth can somehow stop water droplets that doesn’t make any sense have you ever heard of a cloth raincoat because I sure haven’t they would need to be rubber like umbrellas or condoms or whatever not that it matters to me my dick is too gigantic for condoms to fit on it. But also because it’s flared at the base like a triangle so condoms just shoot off like elastic bands but I mean to say the science is out on whether or not these things work and besides my chin is my best trait so what  so suddenly the government is trying to make me hide my best quality I bet if covid or whatever was transferred by like lice or tainted shampoo I bet you Trudeau wouldn’t make everyone wear hairnets because his hair is too nice he couldn’t do it, you know what I’m fuckin’ biznernt? And buddies are all ‘hey woah geez’ but it’s not even like they didn’t. So like what even, then. Besides this whole virus thing is made up if it’s real then how come hundreds of thousands of people have died if that many people were dead then we’d be doing something about this not just sitting around making people wear masks which I don’t even really do anymore. But like I’ll do it here because I don’t want to get kicked out but like fuck that I went to a rally the other day did you know if you wear a mask it will cut off oxygen to your brain and you you’ll die and like what people can only hold their breath for like a couple hours at best so if we keep on wearing these masks we’ll get like brain damage but yeah because I read the masks stop oxygen but not water droplets because water is actually smaller than oxygen when you think about it that’s why we have to put oxygen in tanks when we go diving because if it was actually smaller than water then we would be able to just keep it in your pockets or whatever not all squeezed up in one of those big red things. Anyway we should secede from Canada.”


3ft x 3ft, acrylic on canvas


Sept 28, 2020

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