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Infinite Rodeo, Stampede Forever, Horso-Boros

God smiles on blessed Alberta! What a well lubed, firm, undulating stroke of luck that coronavirus will be under control just in time for the stampede! What are the odds! What are the fucking odds?!?!

Horses a-quakin’, cowboys a-yippin’, and corndogs a-deep-dickin’ in the smoldering summer sun! Git’r rigged ‘n dijon dippin’ dribblin’ down ya chin! Snort grandma’s ashes off a rock-hard bronco cock and a yip yip yeeha the terror is over! Cowabunga! Zoodlewump! Shemp! Crump!

Newfangled mRNA coursing down taut muscle fault lines of bow-legged bucking bronco sub/dom howling fans, viral ecstasy. Thirty percent effective first dose makes the grade, see you at Bovine University! Yig yug! Pabblewoo! Funcher-gunch (shmee)!


Acrylic on Canvas

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